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Restore Your Hair to Full Health with Umthi Beauty

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

First of all, I’m delighted to share the brand new Umthi Beauty website. As many of you will know, I began my amazing journey with the opening of an Etsy store. This brought great success, with the range of Umthi Beauty products growing and plenty of 5-star reviews - for which I’ll be eternally grateful. It’s with the greatest pleasure that I introduce you to the next chapter for Umthi Beauty.

Battling the devastation of hair loss

As mentioned on the About Umthi Beauty page, my inspiration stems from a combined fascination with the wonders of natural medicine and my own hair care issues. Not prepared to put up with the stressful and depressing effects, I set about creating the Umthi Beauty collection of healthy hair treatments.

With Umthi Beauty becoming my main focus, I’ve learned all about the difficulties that so many of you have faced in your own battles against hair loss. I know that this has been the root cause of personal, social, and work-related problems; with some of you experiencing intense feelings of isolation. And, I’m extremely proud and happy to help you with my hair care products.

Suitable for all hair types, the Umthi Beauty products star restorative ingredients such as:

  • Andiroba Oil - the natural oil of this Amazonian superfruit includes essential fatty acids, which are known to support healthier hair growth. Stimulating better blood flow, it increases the strength and resilience of damaged and/or curly hair

  • Aloe Vera - the gel-like substance of this plant has cooling and soothing properties, ideal for the treatment of inflammation. It’s also said to strengthen the hair and make the scalp healthier

  • Castor Oil - with its natural antiviral and antimicrobial properties, this oil is widely used for the stimulation of hair growth. It’s claimed that the monthly application of castor oil can increase the rate of growth by three to five times

  • Mango Butter - this rich natural fat seals in moisture and encourages the growth of strong and healthy hair. Featuring Omega 9, it is known to maintain the hair’s softness and shine

  • Amla - widely known as a miracle cure for hair loss, this edible fruit includes enriching calcium. Regular application will help to strengthen the hair follicles and reduce thinning

  • Shea Butter - with its anti-inflammatory properties, this natural fat has long been used for the reduction of hair loss. It is also a natural moisturiser for the hair and skin.

See what Umthi Beauty’s customers have to say:

“This shampoo and conditioner is fantastic. I can't believe the difference in my hair already.”
“I have never used such a thick, buttery conditioner that smells so clean and fresh. It left my hair feeling soft, nourished and smooth - just as it says on the tin!”

Expert recommendation

It is my greatest hope that you too are able to realise the beneficial effects of the Umthi Beauty products. Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee that the natural ingredients will work for everybody. It’s important to be aware that hair loss can be a result of iron deficiency, illness and cancer treatment. That’s why I advise visiting your GP to talk about this issue in the first instance. There’s every chance that they’ll set your mind at rest, giving the go-ahead for the use of hair growth shampoo, conditioner, oil, and leave-in cream from Umthi Beauty.

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