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My passions and heritage combine to bring you Umthi… your best haircare friend. 


As the source for the commonly used South African English word ‘muti’, the Zulu and Xhosa term ‘Umuthi’ literally translates as tree.  Often pronounced as Umthi, it is associated with medicines and herbal blends that work wonders on both body and mind.

Always intrigued by the ‘alchemy’ of natural medicine, I revisited my fascination with herbs such as fenugreek when I experienced my own hair care issues. Bursting with hair and skin care goodies such as Vitamins A, C, and K, folic acid, potassium, and calcium-rich amino acids, fenugreek is just one fabulous example of the nourishingly natural extracts I work with.

There are many incredible ingredients that you’re already familiar with. Aloe vera and soothing rose can reduce inflammation of the scalp. Comforting shea butter appears in most of my products. Originating from the nut of the celebrated African Shea Tree, this is one fatty ingredient you shouldn’t cut down on. No diet required!

I’ve also selected a variety of lesser-known ingredients including andiroba oil, meadowfoam oil, marshmallow root, the superfood amla, and hibiscus flower extracts, to create organic hair products with a difference.



Created from an enticing group of organic ingredients, Uthmi’s restorative products reflect my values and ambitions. They are part of my commitment to leaving a legacy for my children’s generation - where beauty has contributed to a better world.

Sustainability Matters. So, I only use plastic-free packaging. Made instead from aluminum, which is much more recycled than plastic, this closed-loop system avoids plastic pollution further down the line. So you can relax knowing your well-considered shopping decisions aren’t undone at a later date


As the entire collection is vegan, you can take comfort knowing that what you use is better for animals. Delight your vegan friends or relatives with the gift of more nourished hair.

Everyone can smile knowing that no animal ingredients have been included.


Umthi’s amazing products are suitable for Black and Caucasian hair types, including curly or straight hair textures. Plus, they have a comforting unisex-friendly woody floral scent - an exquisite blend of Frankincense, Litsea, and Bergamot. So everyone can experience Umthi’s benefits of increased well-being and hair health.

Umthi’s luxurious products are free from unkind-to-the-skin nasties. Did you know that what we leave out is just as important for achieving glossy tresses? That’s why you won’t find synthetic colours and fragrances, mineral oils, EDTA, parabens, sulphates, phthalates, propylene glycol or silicones here.

After all, Mother Nature knows best.

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