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  • Are you a curly hair line only?
    Our products are for every hair type and anyone who wants healthier hair. We embrace every hair texture. Our founder’s household has 4 different type of hair textures.
  • Are your products colour safe?
    Yes, our entire line is colour safe. Mother nature would never harm a gorgeous colour.
  • Are you products Vegan and cruelty free?
    Yes, our products and ingredients are all cruelty-free and 100% vegan.
  • Can I Use the products on my children?
    Yes, our products are gentle enough to use on your toddler and effective enough for adults.
  • Can natural products perform as well as over the counter products?
    Yes! We believe wholeheartedly that when you are utilizing richly concentrated levels of natural ingredients to provide the efficacies and performance you expect to see and the ability work so well in use. It eliminates the need for us to augment our formulas with cheap synthetic ingredients.
  • Are your products Curly Girl method Friendly?
    Yes, all Umthi products are free of sulfates, silicones, mineral oil and any drying alcohols.
  • Do you use artificial colours and fragrance?
    No, you won’t find any of that in our products. We use essential oils for fragrance. The pink shade of the conditioner and leave-in is because of the hibiscus and rose powder.
  • Can men use your product?
    Yes, we are an inclusive brand, and no one is left behind.
  • What are your bottles made of?
    Aluminium. We chose this because of the closed loop.
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