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5 Special Values Umthi Beauty is Proud to Embrace

Umthi Beauty seeks to leave the planet in a better condition for future generations - whilst

moisturising your hair and skin. Encouraging you to nurture your hair and battle the

devastation of hair loss with delightful herbal blends, I know that many of my lovely

customers share my hope of ‘nurturing’ the planet too.

Here are just five special values that Umthi Beauty proudly embraces.

Organic ‘Obsession’

You need to start with high-quality ingredients to achieve healthy hair results. That’s why I

am committed to using organic herbs and a blend of nourishing oils, for hair that responds

with enhanced softness and shine.

Stimulating the scalp, they have the added benefit of smelling divine! Men and Women have

already enjoyed the floral and woody undertones of the unisex fragrance within my products.

Will you join them in embracing organic beauty?

Recyclable Packaging

Using easily recycled packaging materials was a priority from the start.

Keen to deliver all natural hair products in pristine condition, I have chosen aluminium and

glass packaging. Great for preserving the organic products within, these materials are

efficiently recycled too. Their inclusion demonstrates Umthi Beauty’s commitment to ease

the immense packaging burden that is harming the environment.

Zero Waste Week reveals that (worldwide) the beauty industry produces more than 120

billion units of packaging each year - many of which remain as ‘single-use’ plastics.

Being eco-friendly, Umthi Beauty’s packaging can be repurposed into new forms after you

have poured your very last drop of Restorative Hair Oil or scooped the last swipe of our

Handcrafted Leave-in Cream.

Umthi Beauty says “No to Synthetic Nasties”

All Umthi Beauty products are fre from unnecessary synthetic ingredients, such as:Sulphates

  • Parabens

  • Synthetic fragrances/colours

  • Mineral oils

  • EDTA

  • Phthalates

  • Propylene glycol

  • Silicones

Remaining true to this skin-kind philosophy is better for your skin and scalp. Often, what we leave out is just as important for achieving glossy tresses as what we include. 

Leaving out the ‘nasties’ means you will experience healthy hair without synthetic chemicals.

Instead, you can expect luxe ingredients including shea butter, marshmallow root, nourishing

oils, aloe vera and the antioxidant ‘superfood’ amla.

Cruelty-Free Beauty

As a mindful brand, Umthi Beauty does not adopt animal testing within any of its products. A

cruelty-free brand, we believe that amazing hair shouldn’t require this ‘ugly’ practice. We

want you to feel good about experiencing restored healthy hair.

Plus, Umthi Beauty’s products are brimming with effective organic and plant-derived ingredients, meaning there’s no need for ‘nasties’ such as parabens and silicones.

Cruelty-free beauty is therefore better for you as well as animals.

Everything is Handmade in Small Batches

Expertly hand-crafted, you can be sure that your newly arrived products have been produced

with care. By keeping to small batches, I can ensure that minimal ingredients are wasted and

remain fresh. Umthi Beauty supports a more sustainable use of our world’s natural resources.

The small-scale method also ensures that each Umthi Beauty product is efficacious and at

its best. Choosing quality over quantity, I care about my customers receiving natural products that work to restore and nourish their hair.

Will you embrace the Umthi Beauty way?

Why compromise your values for a better tomorrow when Umthi Beauty delivers a remedy

for your hair, skin and the planet? Find your new beauty ‘must have’ in my online shop

today, or come and say hello via the Contact page.

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